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There is a great selection of watch batteries here.
Watch batteries are not just used for watches and clocks. many new flashlights also use watch size button batteries.  

Alkaline Button Size Batteries:   Silver Oxide Watch Batteries:
Silver oxide batteries 3x longer
Energizer Watch
    301 357 381
LR44, A76   303 362 384
LR41, 192   309 364 386
LR1130, 189   315 365 387S
LR626, 177   317 366 389
LR43, 186   319 370 390
LR1120, 191   321 371 391
PX625A   329 373 392
164, LR620   335 376 393
    337 377 394
    339 379 395
    341   396
    344   397
346    348   399


Watch Batteries Button size Batteries and Coin Batteries 
There is an important note to the numbers used to desribe the watch size batteries. Usually this relates to the size, diameter, and thickness of the battery.
The lowest prices are available here in wholesale quantities especially in watch batteries and button batteries.

An important price factor may depend on the difference between Alkaline button batteries, Alkaline Watch batteries, and Silver Oxide watch batteries. Silver watch batteries cost more but usually tend to last 3-4 time longer than the alkaline. They also may be named with a suffix of S or SW such as SR626SW. this indicates not only that it is a silver battery but also that it is designated as High Drain or Low Drain.

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